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Dutch-Belgian Workshop on Information Retrieval (2009)



Proceedings of the 9th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop February 2-3, 2009, Enschede, The Netherlands

Communities and Workflow: Driving Information Consumption
Rene van Erk

Harvesting, Searching, and Ranking Knowledge on the Web
Gerhard Weikum

Automatic Extraction of Keywords for a Multimedia Search Engine Using the Chi-Square Test
Marco A. Palomino | Michael P. Oakes | Tom Wuytack

patiotemporal Region-oriented Attentional Selection of Active Salient Objects
Thomas Geerinck | Hichem Sahli | Iris Vanhamel | Valentin Enescu

Exemelification of Parliamentary Debates
Tim Gielissen | Maarten Marx

Matching Queries to Frequently Asked Questions: Search Functionality for the MRSA Web-Portal
Almer S. Tigelaar | Rieks op den Akker | Fenne Verhoeven

Learning to Rank Answers to Why-Questions
Suzan Verberne | Stephan Raajmakers | Daphne Theijssen

Non-Linear Query Reformulation Behavior
Nikolai Buzukashvili

Language Independent Content Extraction from Web Pages
Javier Arias Moreno | Koen Deschacht | Marie-Francine Moens

Patent Search: An important new test bed for IR
John Tait | Mihai Lupu | Helmut Berger | Giovanna Roda | Michael Dittenbach | Andreas Pesenhofer

Semi-automatic construction of domain-specific thesauri
Inga Kohlhof | Bob Schijvenaars | Mario Diwersy

Web Directories as Topical Context
Rianne Kaptein | Jaap Kamps

Business Specific Online Information Extraction from German Websites
Yeong Su Lee | Michaela Geierhos

Using Language Modeling for Spam Detection in Social Reference Manager Websites
Toine Boggers | Antal van den Bosch

Children's Information Retrieval: how to support children in effective information-seeking?
Hanna Jochmann-Mannak | Theo Huibers | Ted Sanders

Programming by Clicking
Wouter Roelofs | Alessandro Tadeo Paula | Franc Grootjen

Behind the scenes of the digital museum of information retrieval research
Djoerd Hiemstra | Tristan Pothoven | Marijn van Vliet | Donna Harman

Challenges in Professional Search with PHASAR
Cornelis H. A. Koster | Nelleke Oostdijk | Eva d'Hondth | Suzan Verberne

Expert Finding of Dutch Politicians
Arjan Nusselder | Maarten Marx