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Transactions of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (2021)



2021 Volume 4 Issue 1

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Attend to Chords: Improving Harmonic Analysis of Symbolic Music Using Transformer-Based Models
Tsung-Ping Chen | Li Su

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Automatic Transcription of Organ Tablature Music Notation with Deep Neural Networks
Daniel Schneider | Nikolaus Korfhage | Markus Mühling | Peter Lüttig | Bernd Freisleben

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Automatic Generation of Piano Score Following Videos
Mengyi Shan | T. J. Tsai

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Piano Sheet Music Identification Using Dynamic N-gram Fingerprinting
Daniel Yang | T. J. Tsai

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Make That Sound More Metallic: Towards a Perceptually Relevant Control of the Timbre of Synthesizer Sounds Using a Variational Autoencoder
Fanny Roche | Thomas Hueber | Maëva Garnier | Samuel Limier | Laurent Girin

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The Annotated Mozart Sonatas: Score, Harmony, and Cadence
Johannes Hentschel | Markus Neuwirth | Martin Rohrmeier

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Automatic Hierarchy Expansion for Improved Structure and Chord Evaluation
Katherine M. Kinnaird | Brian McFee

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On End-to-End White-Box Adversarial Attacks in Music Information Retrieval
Katharina Prinz | Arthur Flexer | Gerhard Widmer

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Where Does the Buck Stop? Ethical and Political Issues with AI in Music Creation
Fabio Morreale