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World Wide Web Journal (2013)


2013 Volume 16 Issue 5-6

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Guest editorial: social networks and social Web mining
Guandong Xu | Jeffrey Xu Yu | Wookey Lee

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Mesoscopic analysis of networks with genetic algorithms
Clara Pizzuti

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Multidimensional networks: foundations of structural analysis
Michele Berlingerio | Michele Coscia | Fosca Giannotti | Anna Monreale | Dino Pedreschi

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A time decoupling approach for studying forum dynamics
Andrey Kan | Jeffrey Chan | Conor Hayes | Bernie Hogan | James Bailey | Christopher Leckie

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Who blogs what: understanding the publishing behavior of bloggers
Kang Zhao | Akhil Kumar

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A likelihood-based framework for the analysis of discussion threads
Vicenç Gómez | Hilbert J. Kappen | Nelly Litvak | Andreas Kaltenbrunner

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Noisy but non-malicious user detection in social recommender systems
Bin Li | Ling Chen | Xingquan Zhu | Chengqi Zhang

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SocialSearch + : enriching social network with web evidences
Gae-won You | Jin-Woo Park | Seung-won Hwang | Zaiqing Nie | Ji-Rong Wen

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Shilling attack detection utilizing semi-supervised learning method for collaborative recommender system
Jie Cao | Zhiang Wu | Bo Mao | Yanchun Zhang

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Understanding social relationship evolution by using real-world sensing data
Zhiwen Yu | Xingshe Zhou | Daqing Zhang | Gregor Schiele | Christian Becker

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Can predicate-argument structures be used for contextual opinion retrieval from blogs?
Sylvester Olubolu Orimaye | Saadat M. Alhashmi | Eu-Gene Siew