Claire Warwick


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A library or just another information resource? A case study of users' mental models of traditional and digital libraries
Stephann Makri | Ann Blandford | Jeremy Gow | Jon Rimmer | Claire Warwick | George Buchanan
2007 Volume 58 Issue 3


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Codex Redux: books and new knowledge environments
Claire Warwick | Ray Siemens | Stan Ruecker
Proceedings of the 2008 ACM Workshop on Research Advances in Large Digital Book Repositories, BooksOnline 2008, Napa Valley, California, USA, October 30, 2008

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An examination of the physical and the digital qualities of humanities research
Jon Rimmer | Claire Warwick | Ann Blandford | Jeremy Gow | George Buchanan
2008 Volume 44 Issue 3

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The PRET A Rapporter framework: Evaluating digital libraries from the perspective of information work
Ann Blandford | Anne Adams | Simon Attfield | George Buchanan | Jeremy Gow | Stephann Makri | Jon Rimmer | Claire Warwick
2008 Volume 44 Issue 1


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Cognitive economy and satisficing in information seeking: A longitudinal study of undergraduate information behavior
Claire Warwick | Jon Rimmer | Ann Blandford | Jeremy Gow | George Buchanan
2009 Volume 60 Issue 12

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From Papyrus to Hypertext: Towards the Universal Digital Library
Claire Warwick
2009 Volume 60 Issue 9


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Information for inspiration: Understanding architects' information seeking and use behaviors to inform design
Stephann Makri | Claire Warwick
2010 Volume 61 Issue 9

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Text Editing, Print and the Digital World
Claire Warwick
2010 Volume 61 Issue 2