Fidelia Ibekwe-Sanjuan


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Role of Social Media in Propagating Controversies: the Case of Cultural Microblog Feeds
Adrian-Gabriel Chifu | Fidelia Ibekwe-Sanjuan | Nathanaêla Andrianasolo
Working Notes of CLEF 2017 - Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum, Dublin, Ireland, September 11-14, 2017


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The French conception of information science: "Une exception française"?
Fidelia Ibekwe-Sanjuan
2012 Volume 63 Issue 9


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The structure and dynamics of cocitation clusters: A multiple-perspective cocitation analysis
Chaomei Chen | Fidelia Ibekwe-Sanjuan | Jianhua Hou
2010 Volume 61 Issue 7


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Universities of Avignon and Lyon III at TREC 2008: Enterprise Track
Eric SanJuan | Nicolas Flavier | Patrice Bellot | Fidelia Ibekwe-Sanjuan
Proceedings of The Seventeenth Text REtrieval Conference, TREC 2008, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, November 18-21, 2008

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Decomposition of terminology graphs for domain knowledge acquisition
Fidelia Ibekwe-Sanjuan | Eric SanJuan | Michael S. E. Vogeley
Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, CIKM 2008, Napa Valley, California, USA, October 26-30, 2008


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Text mining without document context
Eric SanJuan | Fidelia Ibekwe-Sanjuan
2006 Volume 42 Issue 6

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Phrase Clustering Without Document Context
Eric SanJuan | Fidelia Ibekwe-Sanjuan
Advances in Information Retrieval, 28th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2006, London, UK, April 10-12, 2006, Proceedings


Mining Textual Data through Term Variant Clustering : the TermWatch system
Fidelia Ibekwe-Sanjuan | Eric SanJuan
Computer-Assisted Information Retrieval (Recherche d'Information et ses Applications) - RIAO 2004, 7th International Conference, University of Avignon, France, April 26-28, 2004. Proceedings