Jin Mao


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Leverage the Associations between Documents, Subject Headings and Terms to Enhance Retrieval
Jin Mao | Kun Lu
Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval, ESAIR '14, Shanghai, China, November 7, 2014


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An automatic approach to weighted subject indexing - an empirical study in the biomedical domain
Kun Lu | Jin Mao
2015 Volume 66 Issue 9

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Mining document, concept, and term associations for effective biomedical retrieval: introducing MeSH-enhanced retrieval models
Jin Mao | Kun Lu | Xiangming Mu | Gang Li
2015 Volume 18 Issue 5


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Toward effective automated weighted subject indexing: A comparison of different approaches in different environments
Kun Lu | Jin Mao | Gang Li
2018 Volume 69 Issue 1

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Identifying bacterial biotope entities using sequence labeling: Performance and feature analysis
Jin Mao | Hong Cui
2018 Volume 69 Issue 9

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Ranking themes on co-word networks: Exploring the relationships among different metrics
Wanying Zhao | Jin Mao | Kun Lu
2018 Volume 54 Issue 2


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Understanding the topic evolution of scientific literatures like an evolving city: Using Google Word2Vec model and spatial autocorrelation analysis
Kai Hu | Qing Luo | Kunlun Qi | Siluo Yang | Jin Mao | Xiaokang Fu | Jie Zheng | Huayi Wu | Ya Guo | Qibing Zhu
2019 Volume 56 Issue 4


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Location recommendation by combining geographical, categorical, and social preferences with location popularity
Yaxue Ma | Jin Mao | Zhichao Ba | Gang Li
2020 Volume 57 Issue 4


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Combining deep neural network and bibliometric indicator for emerging research topic prediction
Zhentao Liang | Jin Mao | Kun Lu | Zhichao Ba | Gang Li
2021 Volume 58 Issue 5

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Persuasion strategies of misinformation-containing posts in the social media
Sijing Chen | Lu Xiao | Jin Mao
2021 Volume 58 Issue 5