Jinyoung Han


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Measurement and analysis on large-scale offline mobile app dissemination over device-to-device sharing in mobile social networks
Xiaofei Wang | Chenyang Wang | Xu Chen | Xiaoming Fu | Jinyoung Han | Xin Wang
2020 Volume 23 Issue 4

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Why do Instagram Users Tag Friends in Comments?
Jiwon Kang | Jeewoo Yoon | Jinyoung Han
Companion of The 2020 Web Conference 2020, Taipei, Taiwan, April 20-24, 2020

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Multimodal Post Attentive Profiling for Influencer Marketing
Seungbae Kim | Jyun-Yu Jiang | Masaki Nakada | Jinyoung Han | Wei Wang
WWW '20: The Web Conference 2020, Taipei, Taiwan, April 20-24, 2020


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Who Will Share My Image?: Predicting the Content Diffusion Path in Online Social Networks
Wenjian Hu | Krishna Kumar Singh | Fanyi Xiao | Jinyoung Han | Chen-Nee Chuah | Yong Jae Lee
Proceedings of the Eleventh ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, WSDM 2018, Marina Del Rey, CA, USA, February 5-9, 2018

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Unveiling a Socio-Economic System in a Virtual World: A Case Study of an MMORPG
Selin Chun | Daejin Choi | Jinyoung Han | Huy Kang Kim | Taekyoung Kwon
Proceedings of the 2018 World Wide Web Conference on World Wide Web, WWW 2018, Lyon, France, April 23-27, 2018


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Analyzing the Adoption and Cascading Process of OSN-Based Gifting Applications: An Empirical Study
Mohammad Rezaur Rahman | Jinyoung Han | Yong Jae Lee | Chen-Nee Chuah
2017 Volume 11 Issue 2


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Unveiling group characteristics in online social games: a socio-economic analysis
Taejoong Chung | Jinyoung Han | Daejin Choi | Ted Taekyoung Kwon | Huy Kang Kim | Yanghee Choi
23rd International World Wide Web Conference, WWW '14, Seoul, Republic of Korea, April 7-11, 2014