Michael F. Lynch


Natural language processing of the texts of chemical patent abstracts
Gobinda G. Chowdhury | Michael F. Lynch
Computer-Assisted Information Retrieval (Recherche d'Information et ses Applications) - RIAO 1991, 3rd International Conference, Universitad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain, April 2 - May 5, 1991. Proceedings


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Current research into chemical and textual information retrieval at the department of information studies, University of Sheffield
Michael F. Lynch | Peter Willett
1987 Volume 23 Issue 5


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The use of binary search trees in external distribution sorting
David Cooper | Michael F. Lynch
1984 Volume 20 Issue 4


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Document Retrieval Using a Serial Bit String Search
Alan F. Harding | Michael F. Lynch | Peter Willett
1983 Volume 19 Issue 1


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Text compression using variable-to fixed-length encodings
David Cooper | Michael F. Lynch
1982 Volume 33 Issue 1


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Sorting of textual data bases: A variety generation approach to distribution sorting
David Cooper | Mary E. Dicker | Michael F. Lynch
1980 Volume 16 Issue 1

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Compression of continuous prose texts using variety generation
David Cooper | Michael A. Emly | Michael F. Lynch | A. Robin Yeates
1980 Volume 31 Issue 3


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Variety generation - A reinterpretation of Shannon's mathematical theory of communication, and its implications for information science
Michael F. Lynch
1977 Volume 28 Issue 1


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Compression of bibliographic files using an adaptation of run-length coding
Michael F. Lynch
1973 Volume 9 Issue 4

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Analysis of the microstructure of titles in the inspec data-base
Michael F. Lynch | J. Howard Petrie | Michael J. Snell
1973 Volume 9 Issue 6


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Experimental use of a program for computer-aided subject-index production
Janet E. Armitage | Michael F. Lynch | J. Howard Petrie | Mario Belton
1970 Volume 6 Issue 1


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A modified IUPAC-Dyson notation system for chemical structures
G. M. Dyson | Michael F. Lynch | Howard Lee Morgan
1968 Volume 4 Issue 1

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Some structural characteristics of articulated subject indexes
Janet E. Armitage | Michael F. Lynch
1968 Volume 4 Issue 2


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Mechanical manipulation of chemical structure: Molform computation and substructure searching of organic structures by the use of cipherdirected, extended and random matrices
G. M. Dyson | W. E. Cossum | Michael F. Lynch | Howard Lee Morgan
1963 Volume 1 Issue 2-3