Ming Li


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Improving Melody Classification by Discriminant Feature Extraction and Fusion
Ming Li | Ronan Sleep
ISMIR 2004, 5th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval, Barcelona, Spain, October 10-14, 2004, Proceedings


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Genre Classification via an LZ78-Based String Kernel
Ming Li | Ronan Sleep
ISMIR 2005, 6th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval, London, UK, 11-15 September 2005, Proceedings


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Music Structural Segmentation by Combining Harmonic and Timbral Information
Ruofeng Chen | Ming Li
Proceedings of the 12th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, ISMIR 2011, Miami, Florida, USA, October 24-28, 2011


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Construction and Improvements of Bird Songs' Classification System
Haiwei Wu | Ming Li
Working Notes of CLEF 2018 - Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum, Avignon, France, September 10-14, 2018


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How does social support promote consumers' engagement in the social commerce community? The mediating effect of consumer involvement
Yani Wang | Jun Wang | Tang Yao | Ming Li | Xiaorui Wang
2020 Volume 57 Issue 5


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Multi-subspace Implicit Alignment for Cross-modal Retrieval on Cooking Recipes and Food Images
Lin Li | Ming Li | Zichen Zan | Qing Xie | Jianquan Liu
CIKM '21: The 30th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Virtual Event, Queensland, Australia, November 1 - 5, 2021


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An improved algorithm for practical byzantine fault tolerance to large-scale consortium chain
Yineng Chen | Ming Li | Xinghui Zhu | Kui Fang | Qingshan Ren | Ting Guo | Xiaoxuan Chen | Cheng Li | Zhuoyang Zou | Yuechao Deng
2022 Volume 59 Issue 2