Oded Nov


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Social Information as a Means to Enhance Engagement in Citizen Science-Based Telerehabilitation
Shinnosuke Nakayama | Tyrone J. Tolbert | Oded Nov | Maurizio Porfiri
2019 Volume 70 Issue 6


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Using interactive "Nutrition labels" for financial products to assist decision making under uncertainty
Junius Gunaratne | Oded Nov
2017 Volume 68 Issue 8

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Increasing citizen science contribution using a virtual peer
Jeffrey Laut | Francesco Cappa | Oded Nov | Maurizio Porfiri
2017 Volume 68 Issue 3


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Motivation to share knowledge using wiki technology and the moderating effect of role perceptions
Ofer Arazy | Ian R. Gellatly | Esther Brainin | Oded Nov
2016 Volume 67 Issue 10

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Using targeted design interventions to encourage extra-role crowdsourcing behavior
Oded Nov | Jeffrey Laut | Maurizio Porfiri
2016 Volume 67 Issue 2


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Stay on the Wikipedia task: When task-related disagreements slip into personal and procedural conflicts
Ofer Arazy | M. Lisa Yeo | Oded Nov
2013 Volume 64 Issue 8


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Dispositional resistance to change and hospital physicians' use of electronic medical records: A multidimensional perspective
Oded Nov | William Schecter
2012 Volume 63 Issue 4


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Analysis of participation in an online photo-sharing community: A multidimensional perspective
Oded Nov | Mor Naaman | Chen Ye
2010 Volume 61 Issue 3

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Volunteer computing: a model of the factors determining contribution to community-based scientific research
Oded Nov | David Anderson | Ofer Arazy
Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on World Wide Web, WWW 2010, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, April 26-30, 2010


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Resistance to change and the adoption of digital libraries: An integrative model
Oded Nov | Chen Ye
2009 Volume 60 Issue 8


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Users' personality and perceived ease of use of digital libraries: The case for resistance to change
Oded Nov | Chen Ye
2008 Volume 59 Issue 5