Paola Velardi


doi dblp, an Improved Dataset for Visualization Recommendation
Luca Podo | Paola Velardi
Proceedings of the 31st ACM International Conference on Information & Knowledge Management, Atlanta, GA, USA, October 17-21, 2022


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A Reproducibility Study of Deep and Surface Machine Learning Methods for Human-related Trajectory Prediction
Bardh Prenkaj | Paola Velardi | Damiano Distante | Stefano Faralli
CIKM '20: The 29th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Virtual Event, Ireland, October 19-23, 2020


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A topic recommender for journalists
Alessandro Cucchiarelli | Christian Morbidoni | Giovanni Stilo | Paola Velardi
2019 Volume 22 Issue 1-2


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Capturing Users' Information and Communication Needs for the Press Officers
Giovanni Stilo | Christian Morbidoni | Alessandro Cucchiarelli | Paola Velardi
Proceedings of the Workshop on Social Media for Personalization and Search co-located with 39th European Conference on Information Retrieval, SoMePeAS@ECIR 2017, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, April 9, 2017


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Automatic adaptation of proper noun dictionaries through cooperation of machine learning and probabilistic methods
Georgios Petasis | Alessandro Cucchiarelli | Paola Velardi | Georgios Paliouras | Vangelis Karkaletsis | Constantine D. Spyropoulos
SIGIR 2000: Proceedings of the 23rd Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, July 24-28, 2000, Athens, Greece