Peiling Wang


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Rising of Retracted Research Works and Challenges in Information Systems: Need New Features for Information Retrieval and Interactions
Peiling Wang
Proceedings of the 2023 Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval, CHIIR 2023, Austin, TX, USA, March 19-23, 2023


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How are the best JASIST papers cited?
Peng Zhang | Peiling Wang | Qiang Wu
2018 Volume 69 Issue 6


Collaborative Interaction Behavior in the Era of Open Science Movement
Peiling Wang
Proceedings of the 2015 Workshop on Evaluation on Collaborative Information Retrieval and Seeking, ECol 2015, Melbourne, Australia, October 23, 2015


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An exploratory study into perceived task complexity, topic specificity and usefulness for integrated search
Peter Ingwersen | Christina Lioma | Birger Larsen | Peiling Wang
Information Interaction in Context: 2012, IIix'12, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, August 21-24, 2012


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Contextualizing user relevance criteria: a meta-ethnographic approach to user-centered relevance studies
Peiling Wang
Information Interaction in Context Symposium, IIiX 2010, New Brunswick, NJ, USA, August 18-21, 2010


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Analysis of query keywords of sports-related queries using visualization and clustering
Jin Zhang | Dietmar Wolfram | Peiling Wang
2009 Volume 60 Issue 8

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Identifying Web search session patterns using cluster analysis: A comparison of three search environments
Dietmar Wolfram | Peiling Wang | Jin Zhang
2009 Volume 60 Issue 5


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Academic users' interactions with ScienceDirect in search tasks: Affective and cognitive behaviors
Carol Tenopir | Peiling Wang | Yan Zhang | Beverly Simmons | Richard Pollard
2008 Volume 44 Issue 1

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Visualization of health-subject analysis based on query term co-occurrences
Jin Zhang | Dietmar Wolfram | Peiling Wang | Yi Hong | Rick Gillis
2008 Volume 59 Issue 12


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Children's conceptual structures of science categories and the design of Web directories
Dania Bilal | Peiling Wang
2005 Volume 56 Issue 12


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Mining longitudinal web queries: Trends and patterns
Peiling Wang | Michael W. Berry | Yiheng Yang
2003 Volume 54 Issue 8


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Research anxiety and students' perceptions of research: An experiment. Part II. Content analysis of their writings on two experiences
Jacqueline Kracker | Peiling Wang
2002 Volume 53 Issue 4


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Users' interaction with World Wide Web resources: an exploratory study using a holistic approach
Peiling Wang | William B. Hawk | Carol Tenopir
2000 Volume 36 Issue 2


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A Cognitive Model of Document Use During a Research Project. Study II. Decisions at the Reading and Citing Stages
Peiling Wang | Marilyn Domas White
1999 Volume 50 Issue 2


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A Cognitive Model of Document Use During a Research Project. Study I. Document Selection
Peiling Wang | Dagobert Soergel
1998 Volume 49 Issue 2