Peretz Shoval


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Bracha Shapira | Peretz Shoval | Noam Tractinsky | Joachim Meyer
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Tsvi Kuflik | Zvi Boger | Peretz Shoval
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Tsvi Kuflik | Bracha Shapira | Peretz Shoval
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Automatic keyword identification by artificial neural networks compared to manual identification by users of filtering systems
Zvi Boger | Tsvi Kuflik | Peretz Shoval | Bracha Shapira
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Generation of user profiles for information filtering - research agenda
Tsvi Kuflik | Peretz Shoval
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Stereotypes in Information Filtering Systems
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Principles, procedures and rules in an expert system for information retrieval
Peretz Shoval
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Expert/Consultation System for a Retrieval Data-Base with Semantic Network of Concepts
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