Shuai Zhang


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ICTIR Subtopic Mining System at NTCIR-9 INTENT Task
Shuai Zhang | Kai Lu | Bin Wang
Proceedings of the 9th NTCIR Workshop Meeting on Evaluation of Information Access Technologies: Information Retrieval, Question Answering and Cross-Lingual Information Access, NTCIR-9, National Center of Sciences, Tokyo, Japan, December 6-9, 2011


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Exploiting and Exploring Hierarchical Structure in Music Recommendation
Kai Lu | Guanyuan Zhang | Rui Li | Shuai Zhang | Bin Wang
Information Retrieval Technology, 8th Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference, AIRS 2012, Tianjin, China, December 17-19, 2012. Proceedings

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A Time-Aware Language Model for Microblog Retrieval
Bingjie Wei | Shuai Zhang | Rui Li | Bin Wang
Proceedings of The Twenty-First Text REtrieval Conference, TREC 2012, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, November 6-9, 2012


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An Efficient Approach to Event Detection and Forecasting in Dynamic Multivariate Social Media Networks
Minglai Shao | Jianxin Li | Feng Chen | Hongyi Huang | Shuai Zhang | Xunxun Chen
Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web, WWW 2017, Perth, Australia, April 3-7, 2017


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Relationship Detection Based on Object Semantic Inference and Attention Mechanisms
Liang Zhang | Shuai Zhang | Peiyi Shen | Guangming Zhu | Syed Afaq Ali Shah | Mohammed Bennamoun
Proceedings of the 2019 on International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, ICMR 2019, Ottawa, ON, Canada, June 10-13, 2019


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Consumer health information needs: A systematic review of instrument development
Jianxing Chi | Wenjing Pian | Shuai Zhang
2020 Volume 57 Issue 6


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A deep bi-directional prediction model for live streaming recommendation
Shuai Zhang | Hongyan Liu | Jun He | Sanpu Han | Xiaoyong Du
2021 Volume 58 Issue 2

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POLLA: Enhancing the Local Structure Awareness in Long Sequence Spatial-temporal Modeling
Haoyi Zhou | Hao Peng | Jieqi Peng | Shuai Zhang | Jianxin Li
2021 Volume 12 Issue 6