Songhua Xu


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A new method for retrieving batik shape patterns
Qingni Yuan | Songhua Xu | Lv Jian
2018 Volume 69 Issue 4


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A local context-aware LDA model for topic modeling in a document network
Yang Liu | Songhua Xu
2017 Volume 68 Issue 6


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A new algorithm for product image search based on salient edge characterization
Yuhua Li | Songhua Xu | Xiaonan Luo | Shujin Lin
2014 Volume 65 Issue 12

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Relationship Emergence Prediction in Heterogeneous Networks through Dynamic Frequent Subgraph Mining
Yang Liu | Songhua Xu | Lian Duan
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Moving from descriptive to causal analytics: case study of discovering knowledge from us health indicators warehouse
Jack C. Schryver | Mallikarjun Shankar | Songhua Xu
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Retrieving and ranking unannotated images through collaboratively mining online search results
Songhua Xu | Hao Jiang | Francis Chi-Moon Lau
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A new visual search interface for web browsing
Songhua Xu | Tao Jin | Francis Chi-Moon Lau
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Learning to rank videos personally using multiple clues
Songhua Xu | Hao Jiang | Francis C. M. Lau
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