Stavros Christodoulakis


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The SPARQL2XQuery interoperability framework - Utilizing Schema Mapping, Schema Transformation and Query Translation to Integrate XML and the Semantic Web
Nikos Bikakis | Chrisa Tsinaraki | Ioannis Stavrakantonakis | Nektarios Gioldasis | Stavros Christodoulakis
2015 Volume 18 Issue 2


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Rich metadata and context capturing through CIDOC/CRM and MPEG-7 interoperability
Alexandros Ntousias | Nektarios Gioldasis | Chrisa Tsinaraki | Stavros Christodoulakis
Proceedings of the 7th ACM International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval, CIVR 2008, Niagara Falls, Canada, July 7-9, 2008


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Interoperability Support for Ontology-Based Video Retrieval Applications
Chrisa Tsinaraki | Panagiotis Polydoros | Stavros Christodoulakis
Image and Video Retrieval: Third International Conference, CIVR 2004, Dublin, Ireland, July 21-23, 2004. Proceedings

Coupling OWL with MPEG-7 and TV-Anytime for Domain-specific Multimedia Information Integration and Retrieval
Chrisa Tsinaraki | Panagiotis Polydoros | Nektarios Moumoutzis | Stavros Christodoulakis
Computer-Assisted Information Retrieval (Recherche d'Information et ses Applications) - RIAO 2004, 7th International Conference, University of Avignon, France, April 26-28, 2004. Proceedings


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Principles of Delay-Sensitive Multimedia Data Storage and Retrieval
Jim Gemmell | Stavros Christodoulakis
1992 Volume 10 Issue 1


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Optimal Placement of High-Probability Randomly Retrieved Blocks on CLV Optical Discs
Daniel Alexander Ford | Stavros Christodoulakis
1991 Volume 9 Issue 1


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File Organizations and Access Methods for CLV Optical Disks
Stavros Christodoulakis | Daniel Alexander Ford
SIGIR'89, 12th International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, June 25-28, 1989, Proceedings


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Description and Performance Analysis of Signature File Methods for Office Filing
Christos Faloutsos | Stavros Christodoulakis
1987 Volume 5 Issue 3

Multimedia Retrieval
Stavros Christodoulakis
Proceedings of the Tenth Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, June 3-5, 1987


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Multimedia Document Presentation, Information Extraction, and Document Formation in MINOS: A Model and a System
Stavros Christodoulakis | M. Theodoridou | F. Ho | Maria Pia Papa | A. Pathria
1986 Volume 4 Issue 4


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Signature Files: An Access Method for Documents and Its Analytical Performance Evaluation
Christos Faloutsos | Stavros Christodoulakis
1984 Volume 2 Issue 4

Framework for the Development of an Experimental Mixed-Mode Message System
Stavros Christodoulakis
Research and Development in Information Retrieval, Proceedings of the Third Joint BCS/ACM Symposium on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, Cambridge, UK, 2-6 July 1984


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Message Files
Dennis Tsichritzis | Stavros Christodoulakis
1983 Volume 1 Issue 1