Vincenzo Della Mea


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Twitter goes to the Doctor: Detecting Medical Tweets using Machine Learning and BERT
Kevin Roitero | Cristian Bozzato | Vincenzo Della Mea | Stefano Mizzaro | Giuseppe Serra
Proceedings of the Workshop on Semantic Indexing and Information Retrieval for Health from heterogeneous content types and languages co-located with 42nd European Conference on Information Retrieval, SIIRH@ECIR 2020, Lisbon, Portugal, April 14, 2020

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The COVID-19 Infodemic: Can the Crowd Judge Recent Misinformation Objectively?
Kevin Roitero | Michael Soprano | Beatrice Portelli | Damiano Spina | Vincenzo Della Mea | Giuseppe Serra | Stefano Mizzaro | Gianluca Demartini
CIKM '20: The 29th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Virtual Event, Ireland, October 19-23, 2020


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QuWi: quality control in Wikipedia
Alberto Cusinato | Vincenzo Della Mea | Francesco Di Salvatore | Stefano Mizzaro
Proceedings of the 3rd ACM Workshop on Information Credibility on the Web, WICOW 2009, Madrid, Spain, April 20, 2009


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Experiments on Average Distance Measure
Vincenzo Della Mea | Gianluca Demartini | Luca Di Gaspero | Stefano Mizzaro
Advances in Information Retrieval, 28th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2006, London, UK, April 10-12, 2006, Proceedings


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Measuring retrieval effectiveness: A new proposal and a first experimental validation
Vincenzo Della Mea | Stefano Mizzaro
2004 Volume 55 Issue 6

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Evaluating ADM on a Four-Level Relevance Scale Document Set from NTCIR
Vincenzo Della Mea | Luca Di Gaspero | Stefano Mizzaro
Proceedings of the Fourth NTCIR Workshop on Research in Information Access Technologies Information Retrieval, Question Answering and Summarization, NTCIR-4, National Center of Sciences, Tokyo, Japan, June 2-4, 2004