Wei Chen


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A Text Classifier with Domain Adaptation for Sentiment Classification
Wei Chen | Jingyu Zhou
Information Retrieval Technology - 6th Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference, AIRS 2010, Taipei, Taiwan, December 1-3, 2010. Proceedings


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IMRank: influence maximization via finding self-consistent ranking
Suqi Cheng | Huawei Shen | Junming Huang | Wei Chen | Xueqi Cheng
The 37th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, SIGIR '14, Gold Coast , QLD, Australia - July 06 - 11, 2014

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A hybrid recommendation algorithm adapted in e-learning environments
Wei Chen | Zhendong Niu | Xiangyu Zhao | Yi Li
2014 Volume 17 Issue 2


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Evaluation of a Machine Learning Method to Rank PubMed Central Articles For Clinical Relevancy: NCH at TREC 2016 Clinical Decision Support Track
Wei Chen | Soheil Moosavinasab | Steve Rust | Yungui Huang | Simon M. Lin | Anna Zemke | Ariana Prinzbach
Proceedings of The Twenty-Fifth Text REtrieval Conference, TREC 2016, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, November 15-18, 2016


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Assessing Percolation Threshold Based on High-Order Non-Backtracking Matrices
Yuan Lin | Wei Chen | Zhongzhi Zhang
Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web, WWW 2017, Perth, Australia, April 3-7, 2017


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IIoT-SIDefender: Detecting and defense against the sensitive information leakage in industry IoT
Letian Sha | Fu Xiao | Wei Chen | Jing Sun
2018 Volume 21 Issue 1


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BoFGAN: Towards A New Structure of Backward-or-Forward Generative Adversarial Nets
M. K. Sophie Chen | Xinyi Lin | Wei Chen | Rui Yan
The World Wide Web Conference, WWW 2019, San Francisco, CA, USA, May 13-17, 2019

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EnsembleGAN: Adversarial Learning for Retrieval-Generation Ensemble Model on Short-Text Conversation
Jiayi Zhang | Chongyang Tao | Zhenjing Xu | Qiaojing Xie | Wei Chen | Rui Yan
Proceedings of the 42nd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, SIGIR 2019, Paris, France, July 21-25, 2019

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Personalized Route Description Based On Historical Trajectories
Han Su | Guanglin Cong | Wei Chen | Bolong Zheng | Kai Zheng
Proceedings of the 28th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, CIKM 2019, Beijing, China, November 3-7, 2019


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Influence Maximization with Spontaneous User Adoption
Lichao Sun | Albert Chen | Philip S. Yu | Wei Chen
WSDM '20: The Thirteenth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, Houston, TX, USA, February 3-7, 2020


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PDTM: Poisson Distribution-based Trust Model for Web of Things
Weidong Fang | Wuxiong Zhang | Wei Chen | Li Yi | Weiwei Gao
Companion of The Web Conference 2021, Virtual Event / Ljubljana, Slovenia, April 19-23, 2021