Zhen Guo


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ImageSem Group at ImageCLEFmed Caption 2021 Task: Exploring the Clinical Significance of the Textual Descriptions Derived from Medical Images
Xuwen Wang | Zhen Guo | Chunyuan Xu | Lianglong Sun | Jiao Li
Proceedings of the Working Notes of CLEF 2021 - Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum, Bucharest, Romania, September 21st - to - 24th, 2021


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In Opinion Holders' Shoes: Modeling Cumulative Influence for View Change in Online Argumentation
Zhen Guo | Zhe Zhang | Munindar P. Singh
WWW '20: The Web Conference 2020, Taipei, Taiwan, April 20-24, 2020


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ImageSem at ImageCLEFmed Caption 2019 Task: a Two-stage Medical Concept Detection Strategy
Zhen Guo | Xuwen Wang | Yu Zhang | Jiao Li
Working Notes of CLEF 2019 - Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum, Lugano, Switzerland, September 9-12, 2019

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Medical Image Labelling and Semantic Understanding for Clinical Applications
Xuwen Wang | Zhen Guo | Yu Zhang | Jiao Li
Experimental IR Meets Multilinguality, Multimodality, and Interaction - 10th International Conference of the CLEF Association, CLEF 2019, Lugano, Switzerland, September 9-12, 2019, Proceedings


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ImageSem at ImageCLEF 2018 Caption Task: Image Retrieval and Transfer Learning
Xuwen Wang | Yu Zhang | Zhen Guo | Jiao Li
Working Notes of CLEF 2018 - Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum, Avignon, France, September 10-14, 2018


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Multiview hierarchical bayesian regression model andapplication to online advertising
Tianbing Xu | Ruofei Zhang | Zhen Guo
21st ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, CIKM'12, Maui, HI, USA, October 29 - November 02, 2012


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A latent topic model for linked documents
Zhen Guo | Shenghuo Zhu | Yun Chi | Zhongfei Zhang | Yihong Gong
Proceedings of the 32nd Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, SIGIR 2009, Boston, MA, USA, July 19-23, 2009