Zhineng Chen


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Bag of Tricks for Building an Accurate and Slim Object Detector for Embedded Applications
Yongkun Du | Zhineng Chen | Caiyan Jia | Xuanya Li | Yu-Gang Jiang
ICMR '21: International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, Taipei, Taiwan, August 21-24, 2021


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Automatic segmentation of intracerebral hemorrhage in CT images using encoder-decoder convolutional neural network
Kai Hu | Kai Chen | Xizhi He | Yuan Zhang | Zhineng Chen | Xuanya Li | Xieping Gao
2020 Volume 57 Issue 6


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Improving Automatic Name-Face Association using Celebrity Images on the Web
Zhineng Chen | Bailan Feng | Chong-Wah Ngo | Caiyan Jia | Xiangsheng Huang
Proceedings of the 5th ACM on International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, Shanghai, China, June 23-26, 2015


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A general Framework of video segmentation to logical unit based on conditional random fields
Su Xu | Bailan Feng | Zhineng Chen | Bo Xu
International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, ICMR'13, Dallas, TX, USA, April 16-19, 2013


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Context-oriented web video tag recommendation
Zhineng Chen | Juan Cao | Yicheng Song | Junbo Guo | Yongdong Zhang | Jintao Li
Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on World Wide Web, WWW 2010, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, April 26-30, 2010

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Multi-modal query expansion for web video search
Bailan Feng | Juan Cao | Zhineng Chen | Yongdong Zhang | Shouxun Lin
Proceeding of the 33rd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, SIGIR 2010, Geneva, Switzerland, July 19-23, 2010