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1968 Volume 4 Issue 2

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Cyril W. Cleverdon

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Presentation speech
Robert Maxwell

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Automatic term classifications and retrieval
Karen Sparck Jones | Roger M. Needham

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Some structural characteristics of articulated subject indexes
Janet E. Armitage | Michael F. Lynch

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Integrated information processing and the case for a national network
H. F. Dammers

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Information retrieval and future developments at the mass spectrometry data centre
H. D. M. Jager | D. C. Maxwell | R. G. Ridley

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Implicit information retrieval
Colin J. Bell

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Permuted title or key-phrase indexes and the limiting of documentalist work needs
Nicole Chonez

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SDS: An European extension of NASA documentation system
R. de los Rios

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Developments towards a computer-based information service in physics, electrotechnology and control
T. M. Aitchison | Michael D. Martin | J. R. Smith

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Some experiments in the selective dissemination of information in the field of plasma physics
L. J. Anthony | A. G. Cheney | E. K. Whelan

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Performance of automatic information systems
Michael Lesk

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Negotiation of inquiries in an on-line retrieval system
Donald J. Hillman

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Interaction between requesters and a large mechanized retrieval system
F. W. Lancaster

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The problems of input and their implications in mechanization
Jason Farradane