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1970 Volume 6 Issue 2

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A user-oriented information system, operational on a regional basis within the Scandinavian countries
W. Holst

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The design of cost-effective hierarchical information systems
B. C. Brookes

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Optimum procedures for economic information retrieval
H. S. Heaps | Larry H. Thiel

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The cost and costing of information storage and retrieval
Vivian S. Sessions

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A computer based retrieval system using a reactive thesaurus
F. Robinson

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Some cost estimates for bibliographical searching in a large-scale social sciences information system
G. K. Thompson

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The construction of retrieval environments and pseudo-classifications based on external relevance
David M. Jackson

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Information network development : Cost data for the operation of a decentralized information network: Educational resources information center
Harvey Marron

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Computer technology and the congress
Robert Lee Chartrand

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Cryptographic techniques for computers: Substitution methods
Dennie Van Tassel