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1972 Volume 23 Issue 2

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A new comparison between conventional indexing (MEDLARS) and automatic text processing (SMART)
Gerard Salton

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Report on the evaluation of an experimental computer-based current-awareness service for chemists
Frances H. Barker | Barry K. Wyatt | Douglas C. Veal

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Who cited what? a citation analysis of the four basic cataloging texts
Donald J. Lehnus

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An experiment in index term frequency
Elaine Svenonius

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The development of a semantic differential to assess users' attitudes towards an on-line interactive reference retrieval system
Jeffrey Katzer

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Federal aid and the growth of a subject literature
James C. Baughman

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An algorithm for computing correlation matrices
William R. Wright

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Psychology and/of computer oriented linguistics
Peter Glickert

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On terminology for search strategies
Rowena W. Swanson

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Dissemination and utilization by practitioners
H. Marson

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Information Service Affects Communication
Pat. L. Walter

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Caveat Presentor
Douglas S. Price

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Information Science, Content & Structure
Anthony Debons