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1972 Volume 23 Issue 3

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Analysis of directory searching
Thomas C. Lowe | David C. Roberts

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Sampling in-library book use
A. K. Jain

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What information dissemination studies imply concerning the design of on-line reference retrieval systems
Harry B. Back

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Interactive search of bibliographic data bases in an academic environment
Lorraine Borman | Benjamin Mittman

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Citation patterns of the cardiovascular serial literature
Frances McMurtray | John M. Ginski

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Technical information centers: Specialized services to science and technology. An overview
Judith A. Douville

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A flow chart for indexing with a thesaurus
Hans H. Wellisch

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Linguistics and information science
Christine A. Montgomery

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A comparison of several Zipf-type distributions in their goodness of fit to language data
Beth Krevitt Eres | Belver C. Griffith

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Analytical models for library planning
A. Graham MacKenzie