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1972 Volume 23 Issue 4

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The dissemination of task and socioemotional information in an international community of scientists
Gerald Zaltman | Barbara Marie Köhler

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Information networks: Definitions and message transfer models
Richard E. Nance | Robert R. Korfhage | U. Narayan Bhat

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Measures of effectiveness for a university library
Philip V. Rzasa | Norman R. Baker

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The use patterns of physics journals in a large academic research library
Ching-Chih Chen

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Two modes of computer assisted instruction in a library reference course
David D. Starks | Barbara J. Horn | Thomas P. Slavens

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Some relations between queries and search-terms generated by catalog users
Renata Tagliacozzo

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On the economics of information
Manfred Kochen

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1972 ASIS meeting
Edward J. Mosher

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Bibliographic coupling
Barbara M. Hill | Anthony Debons

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Title: Music media series
Troy Brazell | Ferdinand F. Leimkuhler

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Bibliographic access to IS
Pauline Atherton

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Formal and informal communication among scientists in sleep research
Susan Crawford