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1972 Volume 23 Issue 5

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October is the fairest month ..
John Sherrod

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Issues in information technology in the United States
Charles T. Meadow

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A universal source thesaurus as a classification generator
Dagobert Soergel

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A cost model for evaluating information retrieval systems
Michael D. Cooper

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A bibliometric analysis of certain information science literature
Joseph C. Donohue

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On-line serials control system in a large biomedical library: 1) Description of the system
James Fayollat

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Interrelationships of scientific journals
Francis Narin | Mark P. Carpenter | Nancy C. Berlt

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Teaching abstracting and indexing
Barbara J. Flood

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Retrieval parameters in growing data bases
Richard S. Marcus

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Patent literature project
Paul Hunter

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Get smart?
Charles L. Bernier