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1972 Volume 23 Issue 6

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Managing an uncontrolled vocabulary ex post facto
Maureen Lefever | Barbara Freedman | Louise Schultz

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From multidisciplinary to interdisciplinary research: Effects of information systems on formal organizations
Paul A. Studer

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On-line serials control system in a large biomedical library part II. Evaluation of retrieval features
James Fayollat

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Marketing perspectives for "ERIC-like" information systems
Philip G. Kuehl

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Dialectical inquiring systems: A new methodology for information science
Ian I. Mitroff | James Williams | Eugene Rathswohl

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Correcting author, title and multiple-term index entries in mechanized bibliography preparation
Kingsley R. Smith II | Theodore M. Judy

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Systematic utilization of human resources as an integral part of information science work
P. O'N. Hoey

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1972 student paper award man-machine interface: Frustration
Vera Melnyk

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Double hashing
Abraham Bookstein

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An evaluation of the rheumatology coverage of index medicus. A preliminary report
Peter Thorpe

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F. W. lancaster, Vocabulary control for information retrieval. Information Resources Press, Washington, 1972, 233 pages
Gerard Salton

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Linguistics and information science
L. L. Briner