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1972 Volume 7 Issue 4

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Robert R. Korfhage

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Data Structures for Information Retrieval
Jack Belzer | K. Lean Montgomery

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PATRICIA-II Two Level Overlayed Indexes for Large Libraries
James L. Clark

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Data Base Organization and Retrieval Techniques for Steam Turbine Engineering
George C. Ealer | Norman F. Jensen | Eugene G. Monaco

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A Graph Theoretic Model of Data Structures
J. Heller | Ben Shneiderman

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A Set Theoretic Data Structure and Retrieval Language
William R. Hershey | Carol H. Easthope

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An Approach for a Working Relational Data System
James L. Parker | Brian Jervis

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A System Structure and Data Structure for an Interactive On-Line Thesaurus
Jon T. Rickman | William E. Walden

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User-Accessible Data Structures in Information Retrieval
Jonathan Stanfield