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1973 Volume 24 Issue 1

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ASIS Distinguished Lecture - 1972: Operations Research and Information Science - A Common Cause
Ferdinand F. Leimkuhler

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An Experimental Framework For Observing the Indexing Process
Dan C. Clarke | John L. Bennett

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Overlap Among the Journal Articles Selected for Coverage by BIOSIS, CAS, and Ei
James L. Wood | Carolyn Flanagan | H. Edward Kennedy

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Cost Effectiveness of Current Awareness Sources in the Pharmaceutical Industry
R. F. Ashmole | D. E. Smith | B. T. Stern

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Opinion Paper. Information in an Informationless World or The Making of an Information Scientist
Jean Tague | John Carroll

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A Correlation of Bibliographic Data Elements for use in a Generalized File Management System
Dennis R. Elchesen

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Collective Experimental Work in Information Science Teaching
Robert T. Bottle

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Problems of Compilation and Evaluation of Property Data of Substances and Materials
T. V. Golashvili

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Clinician Search for Information
Janet Friedlander

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Check List for Information Environment
Harold B. Thompson

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The Construction of Journal-Oriented Classification Schemes
R. D. Feinman | K. L. Kwok

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A Technique for Monitoring User Behavior at the Computer Terminal Interface
Victor Rosenberq

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On Clustering Techniques in Information Science
Rowena Weiss Swanson

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The Evaluation of Information Services and Products. Donald W. King and Edward C. Bryant. Information Resources Press. Washington, DC 308 pp. Index. $15.00
Herbert B. Landau

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Information Systems, Services, and Centers. Herman M. Weisman. New York: Becker and Hayes, Inc. (A Subsidiary of John Wiley and Sons, Inc.). (1972), 265 + xvi pages, including index, selected bibliography, appendices, and discussion problems and exercises. $10.50
Simon M. Newman

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National Security Council Directive Establishes Data Index System
Emil H. Levine