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1973 Volume 24 Issue 2

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On-line serials control system in a large biomedical library. Part III: Comparison of on-line and batch operations and cost analysis
James Fayollat

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On selecting a measure of retrieval effectiveness
William S. Cooper

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Improvement of automatic abstracts by the use of structural analysis
Betty A. Mathis | James E. Rush | Carol E. Young

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A statistical decision model for periodical selection for a specialized information center
Eleanor D. Dym | Donald L. Shirey

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Ascertaining activities in a subject area through bibliometric analysis. Application to library literature
Tefko Saracevic | Lawrence J. Perk

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Mixed data structures in a multi-purpose retrieval system
Benjamin Mittman | Robert Chalice | D. Dillaman

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The user interface for interactive bibliographic searching: An analysis of the attitudes of nineteen information scientists
Thomas H. Martin | James H. Carlisle | Siegfried Treu

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Theoretical foundations of thesaurus-construction and some methodological considerations for thesaurus-updating
Chai Kim

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The environment of classification: The concept of mutual exclusivity
Kevin P. Jones

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FID Budapest 1972
Harold Borko

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Letters to the Editor
Karen Sparck Jones