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1973 Volume 24 Issue 3

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Promotion of information services: An evaluation of alternative approaches
Louis W. Stern | C. Samuel Craig | Anthony J. La Greca | Gerald J. Lazorick

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A keyword system for small information centers
Hartmut H. Weinert

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Social science information characteristics with particular reference to the educational resources information centers (ERIC)
Kieth Wright

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A novel philosophy for the design of information storage and retrieval systems appropriate for the '70's
Frederic L. Scheffler

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An analysis of manual circulation systems for academic libraries
Rob McGee

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On the development of information science
Gerard Salton

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A generalized conceptual development for the analysis and flow of information
Bruce J. Whittemore | Marshall C. Yovits

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The effect of document ordering in rocchio's clustering algorithm
Roger Cody

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Letters to the Editor
Louise Schultz | Robert W. Burns Jr.