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1973 Volume 24 Issue 4

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The 1973 ASIS meeting: Purpose, programs and benefits
Harold Borko

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Information concepts and their utility
Susan Artandi

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Document retrieval experiments using cluster analysis
Jack Minker | Eero Peltola | Gerald A. Wilson

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A general statistical model for estimating future demand levels of data-base utilization within an information retrieval organization
Glenn O. Ware

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Co-citation in the scientific literature: A new measure of the relationship between two documents
Henry Small

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The functions of abstracts in the initial screening of technical documents by the user
Charles W. N. Thompson

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Use of an automatic text analyzer in preparation of SDI profiles
John M. Carroll | Jean Tague

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Models of index searching and retrieval effectiveness of keyword-in-context indexes
A. Neil Yerkey

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Information organization for interactive use: Design implications in data-base systems
Jacques F. Vallee | Gerald L. Askevold

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Information theory as a measure of information content
Jack Belzer

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MIS spinoff of a conventional STINFO retrieval system
Emil H. Levine

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Scientific and technological information systems in the Soviet Union
Benjamin L. Kirson

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On the dimensionality of users' attitudes toward on-line retrieval systems - A replication?
Jeffrey Katzer | Patricia Moell

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On self as subject
Boris W. Kuvshinoff