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1973 Volume 24 Issue 5

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Does indexing exhaustivity matter?
Karen Sparck Jones

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Scientific elitism and the information system of science
Daniel James Amick

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Definition of some basic terms in computer and information science
B. C. Landry | B. A. Mathis | N. M. Meara | J. E. Rush | C. E. Young

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The epidemic process and the contagion model
Dennis B. Worthen

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SOLAR: A storage and on-line automatic retrieval system
P. C. Mitchell | Jon T. Rickman | William E. Walden

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On interrelationships of the sciences and technology as expressed by a categorized list of journals and modified by a classification system
J. R. Moore

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A decision theory view of the information retrieval situation: An operations research approach
Donald H. Kraft

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Citation of the literature by information scientists in their own publications
Donald A. Windsor | Diane M. Windsor

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Classification of scientific documents by means of self-generated groups employing free language
R. D. Feinman | K. L. Kwok

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Journal citations in Master's Theses: One measurement of a journal collection
George R. Chambers | James S. Healey

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Productivity in toxicity papers
Ruth Reinke Montgomery

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Information-value and cost
R. M. McMullen