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1974 Volume 25 Issue 1

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Breaking the communication barrier between searcher and literature file: An interactive guide
Louise Schultz

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1973 student paper award. An alogorithm for generating structural surrogates of english text
Suzanne M. Strong

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Informal communication of scientific information
Robert R. Korfhage

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Trends in manpower needs in information science from 1967 to 1982
Anand B. Gupta | Donald L. Shirey | Anthony Debons

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The environment of classification Part II: How we classify
Kevin P. Jones

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Allocation of resources in an information system
Abraham Bookstein

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A metalanguage for systematic research on human communication via natural language
Harold B. Pepinsky

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Performance of Kilgour's truncation algorithm in files of different subjects
Bradley Kjell

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Citation of the Literature by Information Scientists in Their Own Publications
Seldon W. Terrant | Ben-Ami Lipetz

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A decision theory view of the information retrieval situation
Keats A. Pullen Jr.