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1974 Volume 25 Issue 2

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Position paper. Cutting the NSF-OSIS budget: Potential disaster for information science and technology
Joshua I. Smith

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How to cope with the foreign-language problem: Experience gained at a multidisciplinary laboratory
Francois Kertesz

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Bibliographic data base usage in a large technical community
Donald T. Hawkins

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Opinion paper. developments in scientific documentation in the long term
Pierre J. Vinken

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A note on an international invisible college for information exchange
Gerald Zaltman

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A discriminant function index for information system evaluation
James L. Carmon

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Search strategy, construction and use of citation networks, with a socio-scientific example: "Amorphous semi-conductors and S.R. ovshinsky"
Anthony E. Cawkell

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Selection of scientific periodicals in an industrial research library
E. F. Hockings

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Introduction to PL/I programming for library and information science. Thomas H. Mott, Jr., Susan Artandi and Leny Struminger. New York: Academic Press, 231 ppl (1972)
Richard A. Bassler

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NAPS Procedure Change
Arthur D. Kramer

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September - October, 1973 JASIS Contents
Herbert R. Koller

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More on Windsor & Windsor
Charles Oppenheim

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Other Peoples Mistakes
Larry J. Murphy