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1974 Volume 25 Issue 3

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Reference question analysis and search strategy development by man and machine
Gerald Jahoda

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Opinion paper. an affirmative statement on copyright debate
Johanna E. Tallman

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Determination of satisfactory scale for data processing facilities
Susan L. Solomon

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Evaluation of current awareness service for physics and astronomy literature
Jean K. Martin | Ronald G. Parsons

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The role of automatic indexing in access control: A modular view
H. Rex Hartson

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Densities of use, and absence of obsolescence, in physics journals at M I T
Alexander Sandison

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Design equations for retrieval systems based on the swets model
M. H. Heine

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Effect of instantaneous retrieval on indexing criteria
Emil H. Levine

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The utility of information and communication theory
Jack Belzer | Susan Artandi

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A Decision Theory View of the Information Retrieval Situation
Donald H. Kraft

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In Defence of Relevance
Stephen E. Robertson | William S. Cooper