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1974 Volume 25 Issue 4

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Journal disposition decision policies
Barbara Rush | Sam Steinberg | Donald H. Kraft

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A clustering algorithm based on user queries
Clement T. Yu

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Optimal selection of acquisition sources
William B. Rouse

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Hash coding with a non-unique search key
Abraham Bookstein

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Indexing and automatic significance analysis
Ivo Steinacker

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A comparative analysis of obsolescence patterns of the U.S. Geoscience literature
Joseph J. Kohut

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An experiment in dialectic information systems
John A. Nelson | Ian I. Mitroff

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Opinion paper. The scientific premises of information science
Victor Rosenberg

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Lotka and information science
Henry Voos

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A Guide to Surces of Consumer Information. Sarah M. Thomas and Bernadine Weddington. Washington: Information Resources Press, 1973, 177 p. ISBN 0-87815-010-2 LC 73-77342
Signe Larson

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Protection Against Photocopying by Printing Black on Red
Alfred M. Pommer

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Research Investigation into Experties Indexes
S. G. Barry