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1974 Volume 25 Issue 5

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User preference in published indexes
Angela M. Gould

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Representation of concept relations using the TOSAR system of the IDC: Treatise III on information retrieval theory
Robert Fugmann | Herbert Nickelsen | Ingeborg Nickelsen | Jakob Hermann Winter

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Patent office classification: Its whats and whys
Peter Glickert

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Probabilistic models for automatic indexing
Abraham Bookstein | Don R. Swanson

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Cold type composition: Its impact on library and information science
Gordon T. Law Jr.

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A general statistical model for increasing efficiency and confidence in manual data collection systems through sampling
Terry R. Lied | Don L. Tolliver

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A computer analysis of library postcards (CALP)
Norman D. Stevens

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Structured Information Files. Richard A. Kaimann: Melville Publishing Company, Los Angeles (1973)
Charles Goldstein

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Reader in Science Information, edited by John Sherrod and Alfred Hodina, Washington, D.C.: Microcard Editions, 403 pages (1973)
Joseph C. Donohue

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The scientific and technical information contained in patent specifications-the extent and tie factors of its publication in other forms of literature. Felix Liebesny, James W. Hewitt, Paul S. Hunter and Maureen Hannah. The Polytechnic of North London School of Librarianship, 57 pp. (July 1973)
Stephen J. Tauber

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Where the Action Is and Was in Information Science
Yehoshua Bar-Hillel | R. Carnap | E. C. Cherry | Eugene Garfield | D. W. King | F. W. Lancaster | J. C. R. Licklider | D. M. Mackay | J. W. Perry | D. J. De S. Price | Gerard Salton | Claude E. Shannon | Mortimer Taube | B. C. Vickery | A. E. Cawkell

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A Reply to Comments on the 1973 Annual Meeting
Harold Borko