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1974 Volume 25 Issue 6

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Student paper award 1974. Systematic searching of abstracts and indexes in interdisciplinary areas
Linda C. Smith

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Optimal storage of books by size: An operations research approach
Surendra Mohan Gupta | Arunachalam Ravindran

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Circulation dynamics: A planning model
William B. Rouse

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Making on-line search available in an industrial research environment
Barbara Lawrence | Ben H. Weil | Margaret H. Graham

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Title versus title/abstract text searching in SDI systems
Ruth Kay Maloney

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An alpha-numeric information storage and retrieval system
Nigel Wasser

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A framework for the study of emerging network technology
W. David Penniman | Richard E. Krohn | Gabor J. Kovacs

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Biographic Guide for Editors & Authors, BIOSIS, CAS, Ei., Washington, DC: American Chemical Society, 362 pp. (1974). [$9.50 (1-5). Quantity discount.]
James L. Olsen Jr.

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Economics of scientific publications, CBE committee on economics of publication (eds.), Washington, DC: Council of Biology Editors, 78 pp. (1973)
E. K. Gannett

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The first book of information science, joseph becker. United States Atomic Energy Commission Office of Information Services, 91 p., 1973
Susan Artandi

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PL/I Programming Text
Charles H. Davis

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Densities of use and absence of obsolescence in physics journals at M.I.T
Martha J. Bailey

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Reference question analysis and search strategy development by man and machine
Charles M. Goldstain