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1975 Volume 26 Issue 1

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Opinion paper. On theory development in information science
James G. Williams | Chai Kim

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Appendix: Reply to the Williams and Kim Article
Susan Artandi

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Sublanguage grammers in science information processing
Naomi Sager

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Curricula in information science: Four year progress report
Jack Belzer | James Williams | John Kronebusch | A. B. Gupta

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A theory of term importance in automatic text analysis
Gerard Salton | Chung-Shu Yang | Clement T. Yu

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A decision theoretic foundation for indexing
Abraham Bookstein | Don R. Swanson

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The formal analysis of document retrieval systems
B. M. Ludwig | H. P. Glockmann

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Some soviet concepts of information for information science
Nicholas J. Belkin

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Library planning and decision-making systems. M. Hamburg, R. Clelland, M. Bommer, L. Ramist and R. Whitfield. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 274 pp. (1974)
Kevin D. Reilly

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Information and the small manufacturer: Report of a Survey of the Information Needs of Small Manufacturers in New South Wales. Carmel Maguire and Robin Kench., the University of New South Wales, Australia, 96 pp. (1974)
Albert C. Vara

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Improving access to library resources: The Influence of Organization of Library Collections, and of User Attitudes Toward Innovative Services. Richard M. Dougherty and Laura L. Blomquist. Metuchen, NJ: The Scarecrow Press xii + 180 pp. (1974)
T. D. C. Kuch

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Australian MARC specification. National Library of Australia. Canberra: National Library of Australia 83 pp. (1973)
Audrey N. Grosch

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Research Libraries and Technology. Herman H. Fussler. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 91 pp. (1973)
Arthur P. Young

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Letters to the Editor
Leigh S. Whitlock | Charles W. Sargent