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1975 Volume 26 Issue 2

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Symbiotic development of thesauri and information systems: A case history
Eugene Wall

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National publication and citation comparisons
Francis Narin | Mark P. Carpenter

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Structure, effectiveness and benefits of LEXtractor, an operational computer program for automatic extraction of case summaries and dispositions from court decisions
Casimir Borkowski | J. Sperling Martin

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Reduction of data generation costs
Daniel U. Wilde | H. David Chafe

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Abstract readability as a factor in information systems
Gladys B. Dronberger | Gerald T. Kowitz

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On the equivalence of boolean and weighted searching based on the convertibility of query forms
Pauline V. Angione

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Comparison of checksum procedures by simulation
John M. Carroll | John Cakarnis

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Review of information retrieval and documentation in chemistry. Charles H. Davis and James E. Rush. Westport, connecticut: Greenwood Press
Mike Koenig

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Staff development and continuing education programs for library personnel: Guidelines and Criteria. Barbara Conroy, Boulder, Colorado: Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, 23 p. (1974)
Edward John Kazlauskas

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The Academic Library: In Honor of Guy R. Lyle. Edited by Ivan Ira Farber and Ruth Walling. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 171 pp. (1974)
John F. Harvey

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Communication science and technology. Patrick R. Penland. New York: Marcel Dekker, Inc., 205 p. (1974)
Rowena Weiss Swanson

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Letters to the Editor
A. Sandison