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1975 Volume 26 Issue 3

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Opinion Paper. Operations research in libraries: A critical assessment
Michael Bommer

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Performing evaluation studies in information science
Rowena Weiss Swanson | Joseph Mayer

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Optimal resource allocation in library systems
William B. Rouse

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Speakers at the 1972 gordon research conference: Their backgrounds and literature records as selection aids for "out-of-specialty" scientists and others
Eugene B. Jackson | Ruth L. Jackson

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Squibb science information system: Computerized selective dissemination, current awareness, and retrospective searching of pharmaceuticai literature
S. J. Frycki | P. A. Roskos | C. F. Gerity | I. S. Levett

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User training for on-line information retrieval systems
Dineh Moghdam

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Lotka's Law and Map Librarianship
Alan Edward Schorr

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Policies and practices in the bibliographic control of United States Government Publications, C.P. Crowers, issue editor, Drexel Library Quarterly 10 (Nos 1 and 2): 153p (1974)
Harry E. Welsh