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1975 Volume 26 Issue 4

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A probabilistic approach to automatic keyword indexing. Part I. On the Distribution of Specialty Words in a Technical Literature
Stephen P. Harter

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Bradford's law and the periodical literature of information science
Andrew Pope

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Explicit and implicit variables in information retrieval (IR) systems
Stephen E. Robertson

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Relative effectiveness of titles, abstracts, and subject headings for machine retrieval from the COMPENDEX services
Jerry R. Byrne

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Machine-assisted indexing of scientific research summaries
Bernard L. Hunt | Martin Snyderman | William Payne

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An acquisitions decision model for academic libraries
John N. Depew

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An analysis of effectiveness factors in published articles on management information systems
Vance Etnyre | William J. Kretlow

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Canadian scientific journals: Part 1, coverage
Herbert Inhaber

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The schlichtmeier gap: A report based on recent archeological findings
Siarl Tyno

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Use of synthetic text in the evaluation of statistically based keyword-selection strategies
John M. Carroll

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Proceedings of the 1973 clinic on library applications of data processing: Networking and Other Forms of Cooperation
Rowena Weiss Swanson

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Reader in documents of international organizations
Isabel V. Clarke