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1975 Volume 26 Issue 5

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Derivation of a sample of journal issues for tests of availability and use
Anne B. Piternick

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Computer Simulation of the Circulation Subsystem of a Library
W. M. Shaw Jr.

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A probabilistic approach to automatic keyword indexing. Part II. An algorithm for probabilistic indexing
Stephen P. Harter

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Canadian scientific journals: Part II, interaction
Herbert Inhaber

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The consumers of new information technology: A survey of the utilization of MEDLINE
Renata Tagliacozzo

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Progress and Problems of the Data Base Community
Martha E. Williams

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Interpersonal communication: Counseling, Guidance and Retrieval for Media, Library, and Information Specialists. Patrick R. Penland and Alayamma Mathai, New York, NY: Marcel Dekker, Inc., 171 p. (1974)
Martha J. Bailey

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How to find out, G. Chandler. Oxford: Pergamon Press, 194 p. (1974)
James L. Olsen Jr.

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Computer-based information services in science and technology-principles and techniques, M.F. Lynch. Peter Peregrinus Ltd. (1974)
Susan Artandi

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Computers and early books, anonymous. London: Mansell, 131 p. (1974)
Herbert R. Koller

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Selected readings on information for industry, FID (international federation for documentation) study committee, "information for industry" (FID/II), FID Publ 518, Copenhagen: 60 p. (1974)
Albert C. Vara