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1976 Volume 12 Issue 1

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An information processing constraints approach to the conjunction of macroeconomic and macropolitical theory
W. E. McAlpine

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Compact grammer for algorithmic Wiswesser notation using morgan name
S. Krishnan | E. V. Krishnamurthy

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Shape-oriented storage and retrieval of geometric figures and chromosome images
E. T. Lee

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Automatic indexing using term discrimination and term precision measurements
Gerard Salton | Anita Wong | Clement T. Yu

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Fire-relevant literature and its availability
Pranas Zunde | John M. Gehl

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Searching the MEDLARS citation file on-line using elhill and stairs: An updated comparison
Susanne M. Humphrey

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Automated morphosyntactic analysis of medical language
Milos Pacak | Arnold W. Pratt | William C. White

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Library-user interface: A simulation of the circulation subsystem
William M. Shaw Jr.