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1976 Volume 27 Issue 4

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Information science and the phenomenon of information
Nicholas J. Belkin | Stephen E. Robertson

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Knowledge and information spaces: Implications for retrieval systems
Michael J. McGill

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Scientific freedom and responsibility
James M. Cretsos

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Automatic aids to profile construction
Alan Robson | Janet S. Longman

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A cataloger's authority list maintenance system
Ian C. Ross

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On-line logging in of periodicals by CODEN using interactive query report processor
Albert H. Allen | Eugene F. Beirne

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Machine indexing: Linguistic and semiotic implications
Susan Artandi

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Classification from PRECIS: Some possibilities
Phyllis A. Richmond

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The stability of two common matching functions in classification with respect to a proposed measure
C. T. Yu

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Is user satisfaction a hobgoblin?
Dagobert Soergel

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Preparation of desk-top literature indexes for ongoing research projects
Barbara Lawrence

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Film Literature Index. Volume l/Number 4/1973: Annual Cumulation. Vincent J. Aceto, Jane Graves and Fred Silva, eds.New York: Filmdex, Inc., 430 p. (1975)
Glenn McMurry

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University science and engineering libraries. Ellis Mount. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 214p., (1975). (ISBN-0-8371-7955-6)
James L. Olsen Jr.

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Cooper's reply to soergel's article on page 256 of this issue
William S. Cooper

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Interdisciplinarity and Canadian science
Suad S. Ammar | Herbert Inhaber

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The case rests
Harold Wooster