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1977 Volume 28 Issue 1

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A national standard for bibliographic references
Ellis Mount

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Unconventional uses of on-line information retrieval systems: On-line bibliometric studies
Donald T. Hawkins

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Variety generation - A reinterpretation of Shannon's mathematical theory of communication, and its implications for information science
Michael F. Lynch

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Computerized russian translation at ORNL
Sara R. Jordan | Antony F. R. Brown | Fred C. Hutton

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The diffusion of core publications in american sociology
Mark Oromaner

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On indexing, retrieval and the meaning of about
M. E. Maron

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A policy for science information activities in small countries: The case of Israel
Carl Keren

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Information and documentation in chile: Progress report and bibliography 1970-1975
Juan R. Freudenthal

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Applications of Operations Research Models to Libraries: A Case Study of the Use of Monographs in the Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard University. Chen, Ching-chih Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press (1976) (ISBN 0-262-03056-X)
F. W. Lancaster

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Infonnation Retrieval, Britieh and American, 1876-1976. Metcalfe, John. Metuchen, NJ: The Scarecrow Press (1976). 243pp
Jonathan Stanford

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Farewell to Alexandria: Solutions to Space, Growth and Performance Problems of Libraries. Gore, Daniel, ed. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 184 p., illus. (1976). (LC: 75-5345 ISBN: 0-837 1-8587-4)
John F. Harwey

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Lotkas law-year by year
Kevin Krisciunas

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a library network model
M. B. Line

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Lotkas law in the humanities
John J. Hubert