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1977 Volume 28 Issue 5

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Expanding the categories of feedback
Anthony J. Fedanzo Jr.

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Networks for on-line data base access
Martha E. Williams

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Future library network automation
Michael Cooke

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The application of function descriptors to the development of an information system topology
E. Burton Swanson

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Development of a semantic differential to access users' attitudes towards a batch mode information retrieval system (ERIC)
Sheilah Allen | Joyce Matheson

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The effect of individual differences of cognitive style on judgments of document relevance
David Davidson

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A measure of class concentration in bibliometrics
Allan D. Pratt

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Journal evaluation in a large research library
Charles B. Wenger | Judith Childress

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Models for librarians
A. Sandison

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The Social Use of Information: Ownership and Access. Andrew E. Wessel. New York: Wiley-Interscience, 244 p. (1976)
Herbert B. Landau

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Reliable Software through Composite Design. Glenford J. Myers. New York: Petrocelli-Charter, 159p. (1975) (ISBN: 0-88405-284-2)
Charles H. Davis

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Advances in Librarianship. Volume 7. Melvin J. Voight and Michael H. Harris, Eds. New York: Academic Press, 348p. (1977)
Rowena Weiss Swanson

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Landmarks of Library Literature 1876-1976. Dianne J. Ellsworth and Norman D. Stevens, Eds. Metuchen, NJ: The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 520 p. (1976) (LC 754.5139; ISBN 0-8108-0899-4)
Audrey N. Grosch