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1978 Volume 14 Issue 6

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Language universalization for improved information management : The necessity for esperanto
R. Kent Jones

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Design and evaluation of information systems
George N. Arnovick | Larry G. Gee

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The information rich employee and information for decision making: Review and comments
Charles R. McClure

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An analysis of the information usage patterns of academics and practitioners in the computer field: A citation analysis of a national conference proceedings
Mary J. Culnan

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Information-system structure by communication-technology concepts: A cybernetic model approach
Gerhard H. R. Reisig

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Charging users for library service
Michael D. Cooper

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Development of an exchange format for the European Environmental Chemical Data and Information Network (ECDIN)
David J. Proctor | Alan Robson | Margaret A. Veal | J. Howard Petrie | William G. Town

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Reading overload and cogency
Charles L. Bernier

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Methods of teaching on-line bibliographic searching: Experience at the College of Librarianship Wales
Lucy A. Tedd | E. Michael Keen

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Problems and roles of magnetic tapes services within the concept of national automized information networks of scientific technical information
Augustin Merta | Rudolf Vlasák

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Linked phrase indexing
Timothy C. Craven

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Teaching on-line retrieval systems at the University of California, Los Angeles
Harold Borko