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1978 Volume 29 Issue 3

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Indexing documents by gedanken experimentation
William S. Cooper

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Automatic text analysis based on transition phenomena of word occurrences
Miranda Lee Pao

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Cliqueing-a technique for producing maximally connected clusters
Gordon M. Gerson

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Ad hoc and selective translations of scientific and technical journal articles: Their characteristics and possible predictability
James D. Anderson

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Some stylistic variations in scientific writing
Renata Tagliacozzo

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Variation of the nature of citation measures with journals and scientific specialties
Poovanalingam Murugesan | Michael J. Moravcsik

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Education for information science as a profession
Rowena Weiss Swanson

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On the perils of merging boolean and weighted retrieval systems
Abraham Bookstein

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The anti-verb list
Sharon Jeroski | Donna Dartnell

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A relationship between two forms of Bradford's law
John J. Hubert

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Using the collection-control model
Bani K. Sinha | Richard C. Clelland

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When is a changed state not a changed state? When a theory of mechanics persists in the face of a theory of relativity
Stephen S. Baratz

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Data bases-history of developments and trends
Edward J. Brunenkant

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Library association membership
Norman Horrocks

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The random house encyclopedia. Mitchell, James. Editor-in-Chief. New York: Random House; 1977. Price: $70. [Published in the United Kingdom under the title: The Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedia]
M. Carl Drott

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Public knowledge, private ignorance: Toward a library and information policy. Wilson, Patrick. (Contributions in Librarianship and Information Science. No. 10.) Westport, CT: Greenwood Press; 1977. Price: $13.50. ISBN: 0-8371-9485-7
Bruce A. Shuman